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Mark as patrolled

Attention. This page is only relevant for administrators of a wiki.

On the Recent Changes list you will find red exclamation marks beside an edit. This edit is done by a non-sysop (confirmed users, users and anonyms). Some wikis, like Oncyclopedia, have got auto-partol rights. Auto-patrolled users are not necessarily sysops, but they don't have to be patrolled because they are considered as "trusted" by their community.

How to vanish the exclamation marks?

To mark those edits as patrolled, just click on the "diff" of one. Then a comparision of two following reviews will appear. Beneeth the time and author of this edit, you will see "[Mark as patrolled]". Click on it, if you consider the edit as safe. If the edit is inappropriate, click on "[rollback]". When rollbacking edits, you automaticly mark them as patrolled.


If a sysop visits the Recent Changes list, he can mark the safe edits as patrolled. So when the next sysop takes a look at the list, he knows that he just has to take care about the newest edits. This methode can be very usefull on larger wikis, where there are more active sysops.